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About Us

With a combined total of 155k followers and over 40 sponsorships, our brand has clearly built a strong community across social media. We have our own merch, agency, along with fun activities like giveaways, setup wars, and an active Discord server. As of now, we are also developing our own app called ‘The Revolutionary Project‘. We help our followers build their dreams rooms and setups. Let’s work together to take your setup to the next level!

What is ‘The Revolutionary Project’?

The Project is an app that started with an idea – “if we want something, we want it to be perfect.”

So that in mind, what is your idea of a perfect setup?
– with the use of The Project, you no longer have to blindly decide!

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The Project


This clothing was made with passion. We have decided to hop into the Y2K trend. Featuring a brand-new design with better materials than before.

About Merch

This clothing was made with passion and dedication. While stepping into the Y2K trend, we have decided to create a brand new better looking design and offer even better materials than before!